N.C. Machines

CNC-controlled, double spindle, fixed head and sliding headstock automatic bar lathes having 4 to 10 controlled axes with motorized tools.

These facilitate the possibility of carrying out high-precision and highly complex machining. diameter 3mm to diameter 65mm machining capacity for small and medium production runs.

Multi-Spindle Machines

Multispindle automatic bar lathes, with six or eight mechanical spindles and CNC. diameter 6mm to diameter 42mm machining capacity for large production runs.

Secondary Machining & Finishing

A dynamic and technologically adequate shop represents the ideal support for secondary and finishing operations on some of the machining work carried out in-house.

Transfer, rolling, milling, drilling and camera-equipped picking machines enable manufactured parts to be given their final form and precision.


Through the services of qualified external suppliers, Gai Giacomo srl can offer parts complete with heat and galvanizing surface treatments, and with external and internal grinding, always according to customer specifications.